About Body Best Collision Center
in Sonoma, CA

Automotive Repair Services at Body Best Collision Center

Body Best is proud to be a green business

At Body Best Collision Center in Sonoma, CA, we are deeply committed to our customers and to our community. Therefore, keeping our environment clean and healthy is simply non-negotiable.

Body Best officially went green in 2009 when we started using a low-VOC European waterborne paint called DuPont Performance Coatings. DuPont Performance Coatings brands have

earned more commercial and OEM approvals than any other paint supplier. After the painting process, we recycle paint waste, oils, and coolant.

In addition to minimizing our paint's environmental impact, we also make sure to recycle extraneous items that go through our shop. We recycle all cardboard and paper, old bumper covers, tail lights, headlights, sheet metal, aluminum wheels, radiators, and condensers.

We look out for your car's carbon footprint outside of the shop. When we recharge your air conditioner, we run the refrigerant through a special machine that removes all contaminants from the system before we refill the air conditioner back up. In this way, we effectively up cycle the refrigerant. We have two different machines for air conditioner recharging: one for hybrid vehicles and one for non-hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles take a special, non-conductive refrigerant that only hybrid vehicles use.

If you have any questions about our eco-friendly services or would like to know what measures you can take to make your car greener (even if you don't own a green car), don't hesitate to visit us at Body Best!

Say hello at (707) 690-0912 or contact us via the web.